How to apply for housing on campus?


1. Campuses (校区)

There are 2 campuses (Yanchang Campus and New Campus) you can choose if you are studying Chinese language, all undergraduates are supposed to stay in New Campus, all graduates are supposed to stay in either of campuses depending on their college location. All full-scholarship students will be arranged housing automatically in New Campus.



2. Housing information (房间信息)

You can check more info for room type or in room facilities from in item of Dormitory & Surroundings.



3.Guarantee fee (deposit) (住房押金)

This is the guarantee you give to College of International Exchange, Shanghai University (CIE), of your intention of looking after all obligations concerning your dormitory. When the rental period is over, CIE can use the guarantee fee to cover the cost of damages or the need for extra cleaning. If the apartment is left in a good condition, and you have fulfilled all obligations to CIE, the money will be refunded to you. The amount of guarantee fee is RMB 1800 (about USD 264) per person for long term (at least 3 months) or RMB 800 (about USD 117) per person for short term (less than 3 months), which shall be wired to our school account (bank info can be found on our website[L]Skins/gjxy2/gjxy2) at least 2 months before the term actually starts. Since the fee you are wiring is in foreign currency other than RMB, we will use the exchange rate of the day we received the money as to refund at the end of rental period in RMB.

此押金作为上海大学安排你住宿的保证金,也是保证房间设施完好的保证金,退房时请保持房间内的设施完好无损,如有损坏照价赔偿,如未发现任何损坏,押金将全额退还。三个月及以上的长期生押金是人民币1800元,三个月以下的短期生押金是人民币800元,押金可以汇入我校银行帐户,一般应在开学前2个月汇到,具体汇款信息见[L]Skins/gjxy2/gjxy2, 退房时押金以人民币形式支付,汇率按当时我校收到汇款的当日银行现汇买入价计算。


4. Room reservation (房间预订)

Download and fill the room application form, after you have wired the guarantee fee to our school account, please send us the receipt that you have made the payment via fax or email with room application form and we will reserve your dorm room and issue you confirmation letter of your reservation, we will not make the room reservation without the proof of the payment.




5. Cancellation and refund (取消订房和退款)

If in any case you want to cancel your room reservation, please send us email at least 4 weeks before term begins and we will give you confirmation and refund your guarantee fee in full but the handling fee of transferring & exchange money via bank will be on your own. Normally we will use the Western Union as the refunding agency. If you do not show up when the term begins no fee will be refunded.